October 16, 2011
Page 35

There! As promised, page 35 has been posted the day after page 34. Okay, so it doesn’t exactly make up for the lost weeks yet, but I have plan. I might even get to implement it. I’m not going to push o make the 52 pages by the end of the year, at this point, but  should it happen to work out, I’ll just be happier.

Right now, I’m just happy enough that the entire archive is now ready on here. (And less pages means it was easier to move the whole thing over.) The site still needs a bit more personalization, but there is time for that too.

Finally, there is now a comment box below. You don’t need to have any kind of account to use it. Feel free to leave us your thoughts on the story. Thanks!

As for the story itself, we finally get a little peek into KD’s thoughts. May help or be more confusing. If the latter, hold on: Eventually it will all make sense…. eventually.