Meet the Creators
Two of us are involved in the creation of this comic…Meg – This would be me: website keeper, artist and half of the character/story development.

I’m an artist, writer and have been known to sculpt once in a while. I’ve been drawing for most of my life (though I’m being generous to my early attempts past scribbling), and writing for nearly as long. I spent more time trying to take my writing more seriously, mostly succeeding in some comedic fanfiction. In Aug. 2001, I started my first webcomic Black as White; after 10 years and a huge change in my art compared to day one, I have started this comic over.

I am working on a vague career in art-related work – though I still have to supplement with office stuff for income thus far – and I’m a full time mother of a 5 year old, a 1 year old (as of Nov. 2013) and my husband. I recently moved back to New Jersey (please don’t judge), and I tend to frequent a lot of anime conventions in MD, DC, north VA, as well as
NJ, east PA, and occasionally GA and IL. See my other art at “That’s So Cute” Buttons.

Rikka – Is my partner in creativity. She writes the other half of the character/story development, and is also the consult for costuming.

Rikka is a writer, seamstress and artist. Her primary talent lies in her ability to describe, in far less than a thousand words, as clear a picture as can be drawn. She has been writing for at least 15 years, and is currently involved in multiple in-depth projects: some are purely original ideas from her amazing imagination, and others are fanfiction that are just as imaginative.

She also has been stretching her creative roots well into the world of costume creation and clothing design, the latter mostly in the sizes of the ever-popular ball-jointed dolls. You can see her wonderful creations at some anime conventions, and through her website Crimson Chimera.

Rikka lives Illinois, not too far from Chicago. She holds a full time job and still finds the time to write, draw, sew and make her way not only to craft shows and her local (huge) anime convention AnimeCentral, but also to come to the east to join me at some of the larger local conventions such as Katsucon, Otakon and AnimeUSA.

Story background:

This may be believable… the original idea was based around a concept for a World of Warcraft character on an RP server. I will explain this idea further once more has been revealed about the current characters, as this will give away details other. To make it short and sweet so far, though, I had an idea that inspired Rikka to suggest making a character to go along, and the ideas spiralled from there, the idea seemed utterly “epic”, and we decided to make it into a webcomic.

The first goal was to start this the very first weekend of the year, which was successful. The second was to release a page a week, which I have been mostly successful on (I missed only one week). And the third, was to have a printed book of Rival Hearts, which was successful in July 2011. Now working on the second one.