Here is where bit of extra information will eventually be given about our cast.

Who you have met so far?

KD (Keyndor Sunwell) – is a son of a strongly influential family currently leading the elven side of the newly restored racial war.

KD is the hunter and scout of the group, having learned the ways of the forest by a very old teacher (Sheyan). He also has fairly good skill with a bow and arrow and has extended his childhood training to allow himself to wield a sword in his left hand as well as his right, and enjoys doing so simultaneously.

An incident two years ago left him deafened and temporarily mute. Though his voice has since returned, he prefers to speak as little as possible and instead defers to Ria, communicating through their own created sign language.

KD can be bit impetuous and stubborn, though he usually has good intentions. He feels it is his job to protect Ria from further injury.

Ria (Amarys Rialla Stormwind) – is a daughter of a strongly influential family currently leading the human side of the newly restored racial war.

Ria is the cook and healer of the group. Her magic is diverse after a lifetime of training and an innately powerful talent. She has also learned to wield a sword with her right hand, but still prefers magic before hand-to-hand combat.

An incident two years ago rendered her dominant (left) arm useless. She has since trained her right arm into better coordination, but more often relies on KD as her defender. She takes it as her task speak for their small band, but keeps KD informed, mostly by translating conversation through their created sign language.

Ria can (and often does) match KD for stubbornness, but she is usually much more level-headed.

Sheyan – Kharelain wolf – Most outside observers think she is KD’s familiar. In actuality, she is more of a teacher – having taught him to feel the life of the forest – and mother – keeping careful watch on both.


Riktor (Rik) Haventus – human merchant
Only a few days ago, his village of Dallvale was attacked by a group of Raiders because they were harboring elven refugees. Rik was given the responsibility of traveling to Turian – the nearest capital city with its own guard – for assistance; however, he panicked and, becuse of his carelessness, had drawn the attention of Hunters along the way.

When Sheyan and KD found him, Rik was unconscious due to a Hunter  arrow that cut his side. He was healed by Ria that same night, though under her protest, and awoke the next morning. He has been traveling with them to Turian ever since.

He is also married.

Jasper – human healer
Currently heading the Turian healing clinic while the higher of their order has been drawn into the war. He is a long-time friend of Rik’s.

Shaala – An elven warrior heading her own group of Hunters in the name of the family Sunwell. Her side goal has been to track down the missing heir Keyndor Sunwell, who has been missing for two years. Recently, she found him and is now trying to decide how to handle the approach.

The Hunters – A group of elves that have been spreading the range of their animal slaughter into the forests KD, Ria and Sheyan have been trying to live peacefully in. They recently discovered Hunters have been targeting humans as well. Unlike Raiders, the Hunters prefer to focus on traveling groups and individuals than settlements.

The Raiders – A group of humans that have been spreading the range of their attacks to the southern villages of the country, focusing on elven or elven-friendly settlements, but occasionally attempting to recruit or destroy larger towns, such as Turian.