Page 19
May 22, 2011

It’s been another busy week. I should really just get used to the fact that everything is just going to be busy. Such is life, but at least I’m getting these done. The end of this scene is already in sight. Just a few more pages. That’s my current goal. I’m hoping these two first scenes will be sufficient for hooking more potential readers come Otakon at the end of July. Not that I plan to stop after that scene. Oh, goodness no. Ther is so much more to come. But it’ll be a good, I thought, to do my initial mini book print until. I might take a week or two after that to focus on cleaning up the existent pages for printing. I’ll see if I have time to before.

That’s the plan. that and I should have RSS feed ready sometime this week.

Enjoy! And thanks for reading! ~Meg