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May 16, 2011

So, late posting, as usual, and I apologize for the half completed state of the comic. Next one or two might also be this rough upon initial release, but I’ll complete and replace the image once I can. I’m expect the next two weeks to be a little busier. But in im determination to not miss posting a comic, I’m going to settle for having the detailed sketches done and adding the text. (Plus once I do complete the images, it’s easy to replace that layer and still have the text right there. Time saver for the updates.)

As for my upcoming weekends: This weekend will be a wedding. Only one day demanding, but more family time. Memorial Day weekend, I’m looking at probably Saturday – Kiddie day at Sesame Place, Sunday – SCA event, Monday – Visit with Grandmom and local family. (ie, lots of driving with a kid in tow.) I will be trying something new at the event. Charcoal + paper = sketches of people… hopefully.