July 25, 2015

After an 8 month haitus, Rival Hearts is finally coming back, and hopefully better than before. Not that this page will be the true judge, as the artwork is a little old. But hopefully the pages to follow will continue to shine! We’ve been cleaning up the scenes for rest of Chapter 2, which will probably be a little shorter than Chapter 1 was, but maybe not. I guess we’ll see. There is definitely a LOT to learn coming up, and we are excited to show it.

Unfortunately, as live has been, and shall probably continue to be, very busy, I don’t know that we will be posting weekly just yet, but I hope to get a page up at least once every other week as we work back into regular patterns. I apologize for this, and thank you all for your patience.

Cheers. ~ <3


PS. in three weeks time (Aug 15-16), I will be at Intervention in Rockville, MD with comics, artwork, buttons and baby shirts. Stop by if you’re local!

PPS. I did start this on Saturday morning. Took until Friday to resolve the issue that wouldn’t allow me to post. Aheheh… Enjoy.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1
Scout: Our forces have seen continued victories in the east. Including securing Restlin and Copernio, we now have control of 5 major regions. However, Sandlar received backup forces and, last noted, was still under human control.
Akinden: Fine. Keep me posted. Any further resistance in Carillion?
Scout: No Ma'am. Your strategy proved extremely effective against the Raider efforts. We have not seen or heard further signs of Stormwind's forces in that southwest province.

Panel 2
Lady Sunwell: What news have you received of my son? Has he been found yet?

Panel 3
Scout: Err... There has still been no word of the young lord, Your Grace.

Panel 4
Akinden: Uh...
Lord Sunwell: We have a strong presence along the east. How are we progressing through the south and southwest?
Scout: Communication has been limited...