November 5, 2014
Page 85

Okay, I’ll admit I cut a few corners on this page, but some of the extra details would have been extraneous… and I wanted to get this posted as soon as possible. (I plan to go back and add more details for the eventual print version.)

So, welcome back to another page, and a little more information on what this new chapter is about. As you can see” Family is the theme. And I assure you, you will be seeing a LOT of family. I won’t give it all away – where is the fun in that – but if you recognize this family name, then you can guess what will also be coming sometime in this chapter.

You’ve probably also noticed, in my incredibly slow updates so far, that the pages are now in color. I’m enjoying this aspect and I hope that the more pages I color, the quicker I’ll get at it. Practice practice, right?
But I like how the color looks. I’m also working on some splash/prints pages that I’ll be posting up randomly between these, or in the gallery, or on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter… all of the above? Look for them. Some will illustrate background stories and some are just for fun.Sorry this has been long and rambling. I hope you enjoy the story!

PS. If you haven’t see the new webcomic I’ve been drawing for, Dramatic Neutral, you should check it out. A romantic comedy with D&D adventure mixed in. Written by the brilliant screenplay writer Linder.