August 26, 2012
Page 54

Okay, this took longer than expected, and I apologize for the long delay. I hope the next page won’t take quite as long, but unfortunately I can’t guarantee it. There’s a very long month ahead. And part of that includes my weekends at Intervention (Rockville, MD) and then AWA (Atlanta, GA) so there will be a lot of preparation to come. This includes some full color images of the characters, as well as a proper first printing of the first few scenes (up to page 23.)

In other news, because I’m not sure I shared this and it will also explain the additional delays planned to come in the next few months, I am due to have a baby early November. I hope to keep at least some comic progress between artwork and home preparations, but I’ve been tired a lot lately.

So yeah. There’s the news. I will have a better scan of this image soon too.
Thanks. Meg