July 20, 2012
Page 53

Ah, the long awaited (at least by us) speech from out great motivational speaker. Think it’ll have the right effect, though?

And in other news, aside from being busy-busy-busy, I’m happy to be making a bit more frequent progress, at least on this comic. Plus I have images I am working on with much excitement.

Speaking of images (sort of), if you try to check older comics, you may find that none of them are working past the one prior to this one (52). Why? I’m not entirely sure, other than I think it has to do with a plug-in I added to try and set up an organized image gallery. I think it was incompatible. I fear I shall have to redo all of the posts to get everything linked up again. hopefully this WILL fix things though. Planning the time-consuming evening in the next week or so.

Update 7/24/2012: Problem fixed. Archive available once more!