May 7, 2012
Page 50

Sorry this took a little longer than anticipated, but here it is… the anticipated page 50! Okay, so it isn’t one of the more exciting ones, unless you count the amusement of panicking junior healers (which personally, I find a little “high-larious”). But there is more excitement to come, a little more of Rik’s sharp tongue, at least.

In other news, things have been busy. Two weeks ago, I was recovering from a weekend at T-MODE, and this coming weekend I’ll be in Philadelphia for Zenkaikon. This may be the last convention until September, but it may not (I have one waiting list next month, and a chance to share a table at Otakon).
Otherwise, I actually plan to spend the majority of my summer art time working on furthering this comic better than I have been, and maybe getting more professional quality print versions. Not to mention just quality prints. (Need to draw. need to draw!)

And finally, for those of you new to the comic after visiting Rikka’s table at ACen, “Thank you”, “Welcome!” and I hope you are enjoying our little adventure. Same for all the returning readers, along with a huge “Thank you for your patience as I get these finished!”