April 5, 2012
Page 49

Nearly at page 50, and getting to some good stuff. A little exposition here, and some scared little healers-in-training there… should make for a fun little scene. And for those interested in a little extra idea of what’s to come: expect Rik to finally show his stuff, for he is awesomeness in his own right.
Okay, that sounds almost like I didn’t think he was up until now, which isn’t true. But then again, I have a lot of back story already worked out for him, and he is quite the fun character.
This kinda goes for every other character we’ve already planned for this story though… almost. I’ll let you make guesses for who might not fit the “awesomeness” profile.

In other news, aside from my clearly over-tired babbling, coupled with my excitement for the progression of this scene, life has been the usual level of busy.

2+ weekend until T-MODE. If you’re local, come visit. It’s a very fun convention of anime, games, comics and sort of a bazaar of many things available.