March 9, 2012
Page 47

This is sort of a filler. Clearly it isn’t finished, but I’ve been having such a hard time getting this planned out to the detail I’d like that I had to push to at least have something semi-understandable and just post it while I finish this up. It also gives me the opportunity to keep going with the story while still working on the final of this page.
And let me just clarify that when I say “filler” I mean in how it isn’t a finished page. This will actually be a legitimate scene-transitioning page.

I hope it works well enough for now. It isn’t even a scan. I took a photo of the page with my phone and then uploaded that… Yeah, too lazy to go downstairs and scan.

I’ve been feeling rather dead tired lately, hence part of the reason this , and even the last few, have been behind. I don’t have a reason for it right now. I just have. I hope I’m not burning out. This is getting good. 🙂