February 29, 2012
Page 46

Arrgh… this took longer than planned… by a lot, yes. but it’s done. And more shall come. We’re nearing the final big scene for this first exciting Chapter of Rival Hearts. At least, I hope it has been exciting enough.
(And yes, I know panel 2 is pretty crappy compared to the rest. My brain went a little numb. I promise it will be redrawn!)

I’ve been a bit scattered lately, mostly because of Katsucon a week and a half ago, but it was really a lot of fun! but I’m still in mental (and, I think, physical) recovery. This coming Saturday is another convention, a little one day Nipponcon at McDaniel College in Westminster, MD. If you’re semi-local, come check it out.

In other news… I’m absolutely looney. I didn’t say it was new news. 🙂