December 11, 2011
Page 40

Finally made it to the big 40? I still wish I was further, but I’m happy with the progress so far. And next year I’ll manage a better pace. That’s my resolution!

So here we are, the sorta summary of what’s actually going on. And look, everyone’s gung-ho to get involved. If I was titling pages, this one would probably be “Pot, Kettle, Nuts” or something along those lines.

And to recap: my last convention of the year was last weekend: Tigercon at Towson University. A fantastic little con. I was busy. Sold some comics. If I met you there and you are now enjoying the comic, welcome! I hope you are enjoying.

And speaking of which, I so take comments if any one has anything to say, or suggestions to make. Cheers, and I hope to have at least one more comic posted before New Year’s, but just in case: Happy Holidays to all, and have a great welcome to the New Year to come!