November 24, 2011
Page 39

Well, this took just a little longer than planned. Then again, I didn’t plan on post-con burnout either. Who does? The plus side is that it was a busy convention. I appreciate everyone that came by. And if you are a new reader to the comic since then, welcome and I hope you are enjoying reading as much as we enjoy writing/drawing.

Otherwise, my busy time isn’t quite over yet. For one, Happy Thanksgiving: I’m about to head out to see Rikka (my writing partner) who is visiting from IL, and I can’t wait to see her! and then there’s family to visit.
Next weekend I will be in Towson, MD (at Towson University) for Tigercon (Dec 3).

So, still going. Yay! One more comic and then the real excitement will begin. You have been warned…