Page 33
September 26, 2011

Another page done, and another page closer to the fun we have instore. I’m really excited about this. We’re actually getting the first hints up in that last panel, if it translates well enough, that is. Y’know.. what is it that has Rik gaping like a fish? It’ll be a few more pages before you know though.
Ain’t I a stinker?

In other news (isn’t it always?), my computer finally seems to be back in working order… after I replaced the harddrive. A bit of a pain having to reinstall everything, but so far so good! In fact, so far, better than ever. Hopefully this will continue to be good for progress.

Also, this upcoming weekend is Anime Weekend Atlanta. If I can manage to get the page drawn and scanned by Thursday evening, I can have the update posted relatively on time. It’s possible, but even I wouldn’t hold my breath. Expect the next page sometime around Tuesday, early. I’m realistic.