Page 28
August 3, 2011

Sorry, this is a little late. Otakon weekend was a bit nuts. In a good way, definitely! But between con and company and exhaustion, I just couldn’t get this page finished. I still intend to have page 29 done by this coming weekend. Though now that I remember that I’ll be out of town for part of that as well, it might also be delayed a few days. But it’ll still be coming.

So yes, Otakon went well. might have been even better if we weren’t running late every day, but so be it. The rest was great! I sold four books, which thrills me to no end. And, just because Rikka and I are a pair of dorks (did I mention Rikka came here to sit the table with me and sell her own things as well as jointly show off our comic? Well, she did, and it was really exciting!) we had a pair of dolls (Asian ball-jointed, which she con-professionally makes clothing for.. see her bio. :)) dressed as Ria and KD so they could sell their own comic.
I also have little character buttons made now. And a fully colored image our main pair as kids, the same image currently in the gallery. I will update the gallery soon with both the coloured image and the buttons.
In the meantime, I’m still on a bit of a con high… and low, cause I’m still pretty exhausted. So bedtime for me!