April 18, 2011

A little behind in posting, but at least I had a fun and busy convention this weekend. This also bring this scene to a conclusion. Next time, we finally get to meet this new arrival. And it will lead, eventually, to the sharing of more information. heh heh..I do feel really good having finally finished this first scene. I think it’s given a good introduction to the characters too. any thoughts? Feel free to send me an email. (See link to the left.)

And for any new readers from T-MODE, it was great meeting you, and I hope you’re enjoying!
I had a lot of fun at this convention and I look forward to seeing how it grows next year. I’ve heard good things are coming!

As for me, no conventions again until Otakon at the end of July. That means over three months to focus more on comic stuff. I hope to have some character images finished by then. the idea of drawing full page images in color tends to be a little daunting, but I’m determined! these guys are worth it. 🙂
I love my characters!