March 14, 2011

So, yeah, this pag eisn’t exact finished yet, but I wanted to post something up. I’ll have the completed page, shadded properly by this coming weekend along with page 12. Just… well I’d say I’ve ben busy, but mostly I’ve been lazy. I think I’ve earned a bit of it. Just a little, maybe?

Okay right now really what I need is sleep. another 1am pst, though if it wasn’t for the time change… eh, who am I kidding, I’d only have taken another hour to get this done. 🙂

Post-script (10-15-11): The proof of lack of awake/awareness really is also shown in the state of the post above. And clearly the comic page was completed. Took until sometime in July when I did all of page print preparations for Otakon. cheers!