Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays to all! Have another long-overdue comic. I think we are winding down to near the end of this conversation and back to some action again. (there is a bit of a side view on what else is going on with this one. (Yes, he’s helping her get dressed. What of it? Oh and look! costume change. It’s needed. their last outfits got a bit dirtied. Now you know what was in the bag KD retrieved back when he missed that he was being watched.)

Anyway, despite being a bit delayed for the last few months, I still intend to keep this story going. We have some pretty big plans still ahead in the many many pages still to be drawn (and written first… Aheheh…) I hope you readers are ready for some progress in the new year, because the slack will be picked up!

But first, family vacation: Christmas in TN. Should be fun. I might even have a New Year’s gift for you all.

Thanks for reading!