September 24, 2013
Page 71

Hi again everyone. It has been busy, but here it is. Finally wrapped up this wonderfully fun scene. And the next one should be even more entertaining, as well as informative.

Life continues to be busy as we are still trying to settle into home, find jobs and places here and keep the little family happy. I’ve found some odd sense of comfort in spending the last few week days working the primary school’s book fair. (Went back to my roots working in a bookstore. Without the pressures of retail. :))

Last of my closely run conventions is this weekend: Anime Weekend Atlanta… in Atlanta. Go figure, right? We’re driving the whole family down for the long weekend.
After this I’ll be focusing more on the job search and maybe some local craft shows. And only break the end of the year by going to Tigercon (Towson University, Towson MD) on October 19th.

Thank you all who have been patient enough to keep reading with my sporadic updates. I’m hoping that by the end of October, I’ll be able to find my regular rhythm again.