January 31, 2012
Page 44

Look! another page!

Well, that’s my obvious moment for the night, but it’s getting on 1am, so I think a little silly is called for. Don’t you?

Yes, this was another difficult page. But not nearly as bad as the previous one for the fun of drawing KD’s wonderful fighting poses. And the one after this will rival that one for most challenging. But I’m up for it. Or rather I will be later this week, as I fully intend to head to bed.

Oh and for those interested, there is a link now for conventions I will be attending. It isn’t complete, but it is enough to show that in about 2 1/2 weeks, Rikka and I will be at Katsucon in the Gaylord hotel of National Harbor in MD. Come visit us! It will be the one year anniversary of when I first debuted RH to the public.

(You may even get to meet the characters… sort of. :9 )