October 30, 2016

So, after over a year, I’ve finally made another comic page. Phew. This was an adventure. It included a few moves (not all of my own personal stuff), a lot of readjusting to the increased business that comes with growing children, and dealing with a lot of my own inner stuff (which is still on going, but I’m pushing through, slowly).

Finishing this page is a triumph of about a month’s sporadic work on the images, while adjusting to the control I get from my new drawing tablet, and at least some of the extras I get using Manga Studio.

It is the first in a long while, but I hope it won’t be the last. As I’m getting the rest of this chapter’s script together and more detailed, I am hoping to get a better flow. The images may not be as detailed in coloring all the time just so I can pick up the pace. I’m hoping for every two weeks for now and maybe increasing from there as practice makes better.

That’s enough babbling for now.
Enjoy! And thanks.

↓ Transcript
Panel 1:
Lord Sunwell: Has there been word from any of the outlying cities?

Panel 2:
Scout: Not really. We haven't been notified of successful occupation of the prominent regions, but we also have received any urgent requests for back up.

Note: Akinden is distractedly watching where Lady Sunwell left.

Panel 3:
Lord Sunwell: No news isn't necessarily good news, but for now, we can afford to be patient. Our progress thus far has been steady.
*He looks to the distracted Akinden*
Has there been confirmation of Stormwind troops sent to Turian?

Scout: General?

Panel 4:
Akinden: *surprised* Yes?

Panel 5:
* Akinden sees the angry look on the Lord's face.

Akinden: Ah, yes... Teams already near that area have been contacted to intervene. We hope for news soon that we have gained control of this major city.